Starting out as a little pinball club, we never thought we would be able to get the point we are now with a website, regular meet-ups, and sponsors. I have to say that we would be nowhere without our amazing sponsors. These are the people and businesses that keep our little club alive and running. They allow us to pay for small things like this site, our meetups, our pinball exhibitions, tournaments, and free “how to” sessions. If you are a New York City (NYC) resident, we highly recommend you visit and support these amazing businesses because they have shown such a huge support for the pinball community and NYCPinballLeague.com.

If you are interested in supporting NYCPinballLeague.com as a sponsor, we would love to have you on this list. Our sponsorship packages won’t break the bank and you’ll be helping support a great cause that provides tons of enjoyment for people. We accept donations as little as $50. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can become a sponsor and submit a sponsorship application. We offer promote our sponsors on this page (and this website in the sidebar) as well as at our events.

Our Friends & Sponsors

City CoPilot

City CoPilot offers luggage storage in NYC and also AirBnB host services. Truly, these guys do it all! Here’s a full list of their services:

  • Luggage Storage & Delivery: Coming into New York City for vacation but your hotel or rental isn’t available yet? If you want to see New York and not waste any time, you’ll have to figure out where you can place your bags. City CoPilot offers top notch, secure, and affordable luggage storage in Manhattan (Lower East Side) and Brooklyn. Don’t let luggage slow you down!
  • Package Acceptance: If you live in the city, you know how tough it can be to get a package delivered if you do not have a doorman. Missed packages often lead to them getting sent back to the shipper. This can be a huge pain to deal with. Not anymore though. City CoPilot offers affordable package delivery services for all NYC residents. In just a few clicks you will be able to have your packages delivered to our door and pick them up at your convenience.
  • Key Exchange: If you’re an AirBnB host, you probably know just how tough it is to get your keys into the hands of your guests. Many hosts take a risk and leave it in an easy to open lockbox or at an inconvenient “automated” location.
  • Discount Tours/Attractions: Vacationing in the city that never sleeps can be a blast but it can also be expensive. Visit any of our locations and City CoPilot will give you exclusive deals and discounts on the best things to do while you’re here.
  • Airport Transportation: Leaving the city? Taking a cab can be expensive and the trains/buses are often tough to navigate for visitors. City CoPilot offers airport transportation to all of the major airports in NYC (as well as Newark in NJ).
  • Cleaning & Turnover: Hosting your place on AirBnB? One of the most time consuming parts can be cleaning when a guest leaves and a new one is arriving. City CoPilot offers top of the line cleaning services so you don’t have to worry about it any more!


Benson’s officially opened in the spring of 2015 by craft beer and hops connoisseur Annie and David. This awesome restaurant and craft beer bar brings something special to the old school craft beer bars. The atmosphere is relaxed and it really is one of the best places for catching up with old friends or even meeting new ones. We’re trying to convince the owners to put a few pinball machines in the back so we can play! The best part about this place? They offer free delivery! Yummy…

RH Resumes – Rebecca H.

A close family friend of mine and supporter of NYCPinballLeague.com since day one is RH Resumes. This business helps people turn boring resumes into amazing ones through expert-level support. If you’re interested in upgrading your resume, definitely check them out!

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