Welcome to the NYC Pinball League website! This website was built to hold information regarding NYCPinballLeague.com events, tournament results, where to find your local pinball machines, and tips/tricks for becoming a better pinball player.

First and foremost, I want to thank our amazing sponsors for helping us keep New York city’s awesome pinball culture up and running. Without them we would not have the money to be able to put on the events or even keep this website up and running.

Are you interested in getting into pinball? That’s great! NYC is the perfect place to start learning. Why? New York is filled with pinball machines both old and new. Everyone in our league started out just like you, a total newbie. Through a lot of practice we were able to get to the point we’re at today – pinball masters! If you want to start learning pinball or you’re a seasoned pinball veteran in NYC and you want to play more, feel free to join our league. We’re a friendly group and would love to add on more people interested in pinball.

Are you a venue such as a bar or arcade that has pinball machines? We’d love to talk to you about booking a tournament.